I stabbed my pillow twice with a dull kitchen knife, ok? Then I surveyed the feathers and repositioned the knife to take what I thought might be a compelling picture. Kill two brain cells with one stone. Get your maniacal frustrations out and immediately get creative. Sort of.

Did you know that the title font of this blog is “Abril Fatface”? We should start a hashtag raising awareness around the degradation of title fonts.

I suspect many of you have done this (not the hashtag). The losing of the temper. Perhaps with other tools and targets? I mean, behaviour like this does not just come out of a vacuum. Things don’t come out of vacuums. They get sucked in. And that’s where the


The vacuum? For many, being locked in a mind numbing padded room (which has never been washed, due to its previous occupant whom I haven’t met). For an unbearable amount of time.

You know the drill right? You know your own body better than the doctors or any other professional. There is something wrong with you. Very, very, wrong. You’ve had the CT scans, the MRIs, the bloodwork, the sleep studies, the EEGs, the echocardiograms. Right? Still with me? You feel depressed but there is no category in that huge book about the size of the Sears Catalog for you. You don’t have a tumor. You get splitting migraines, can barely move, you don’t have Lupus or CFS or epilepsy. You’ve wished you could have cancer or a tumor or at least one of those sleep thingys that snorts oxygen up your nose when you sleep. Maybe you’ve had 14 seizures in your life, but that’s not what the EEG says! You’re totally


You don’t qualify for social assistance. Sometimes you fall asleep at the wheel while in your parking stall (or bit of sidewalk). But they still let you drive. And they tell you to eat more


Because you don’t really know how to human. You’ve never heard of that before. You


I am sick and tired of living in a white padded room. There is no furniture. I’m allergic to it but there doesn’t seem to be dust anywhere, just the smell of body odor. The room is large and I am all by myself. How long have you been all by yourself? Are you tired of being all by yourself? Well, while am waiting for medical science to get their shit straight, let’s get some shit of ours straight. Or square, or circular. You choose.


I want to hear your stories. I want to hear from all of you out there because I know you’re not alone. Let’s yank the knife out of the pillow, throw some feathers around, fuck the vacuum (the feathers can stay). Let’s connect because we are all in this together!


Please share your story in the comments!  Likely I’m leaving out some information, which happens all the time.  Maybe the suggestion for furniture is a bad one?