I wonder how the world would be
If every soul was as tired as me.

What would happen if later today
Everyone’s life force faded away?

Would there still be traffic on the street?
Would people go outside to meet?

Grocery stores shelves with nothing to hold,
As the big trucks are abandoned at the side of the road.

Would our workers and leaders, with lives to run,
Just hide in the shadows, out of the sun?

Without the drive to maintain, to take care,
Highrises and buildings now disrepair.

Science and progress screech to a halt
Our medical system, being at fault
Have no more practitioners worth their salt.

Everyone now is fast asleep
As animals, forests and trees now creep
Over the land and the lives that we keep.

Some people will try to fight, to defend
But with a tired aching body unwilling to bend

A whole generation reaches the end.

~Marlies Vonn

*Featured image by MVonn.