I would really, really love to have some funny pictures to share with you.  But I can’t seem to create a space to share them with you.  So anyways I thought I’d share a picture of one of my best friends who has been with me through thick and thin, fat, skinny, and psychotic (onlyslightly).  He doesn’t say much or make a mess.  I love him.  Meet Kelto.


I went on a job interview once.  At the same time, I happened to be moving from one padded cell to another.  My truck was packed with things, and my friend Kelto was buckled into the front seat. AFTER the interview, the person who interviewed me looked at me and said in a VERY serious tone:   “Do you have separation anxiety?”

Well I didn’t tell her then.  I made it into a joke, and we chortled and choked on our cigarettes.  Truth is, I cannot go anywhere without Kelto.  There is a picture depicting some ridiculous phrase about “HOPE” that Kelto’s head is obscuring (in this particular photo).  I wanted to burn it for firewood but that would set off the smoke detector.  I still think I might burn it.

Kelto is currently sporting a brown, 100% wool sweater once worn by my dad.  It is no longer worn by my dad because Kelto is about 50lbs heavier than he is.

Stay tuned for other pictures depicted with Kelto wearing clothing that my dad can no longer fit into.  This is one of my feeble attempts at


It does help.  Especially when he is strapped into the passenger seat of your car.