I am hoping that by making this video, I can shed some light onto a small corner of my world. My coffee corner.

This is a light-hearted look at why I prefer instant coffee to the brewed stuff.

It can be very exhausting for a person like me to do simple tasks, especially if I’m not used to doing them.

Because I have been using instant coffee for years, I have acquired a taste for it and prefer it to ground coffee. Actually, I meant to say “drinking” instant coffee. The word “using” somehow implies addiction or using the coffee to clean a part of an engine. OK, that went off the rails quickly.

My lovely friend brought me over some food and coffee (and the coffee maker too!). She is truly wonderful and I thank her for her friendship.

In no way is this video intended to cast shade upon anyone. In fact, my friend inspired me to come up with this “video.”

It’s actually a compilation of pictures I was suddenly moved to take as I was making coffee. And then throw them together and make a video out of them. Generally editing video is easy (physically) because I am seated and relaxed. Believe it or not, it’s easier for me than kitchen duties.

Who takes pictures of themselves making coffee??

That is strange, but after all, you are in the White Padded Room.


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This video was published in the Mighty 5/30/2017