It’s another book review!

I must be the only person in the entire world who loves to write and absolutely hates reading. Probably shows up in my writing that I don’t read. I don’t really care either.

There’s just something about university and the massive amounts of expensive books I PAID for and then was FORCED to read. And was then tested on about 5% of what I read.

Reading is triggering, not relaxing for me.

I am currently undergoing a course of study and the reading I have to do is as satisfying as liquefying plastic and then swallowing it. Well, I have to do something to get a job that pays well.

So, another book that takes very little effort to read, is funny, and the reviews are just as entertaining as the book itself.

Creative Cursing: A Mix ‘n’ Match Profanity Generator

by Sarah Royal (Author), Jillian Panarese (Author)


Why settle for the same old curse words that will get you banned from church, libraries, and family gatherings? This book will get you back in society’s good graces in no time! Go back to being a good influence on others! You’ll never again be left searching for an appropriate curse phrase!

Here are what some readers have to say about Creative Cursing [bracketed phrases are my own thoughts]:

Words cannot adequately describe the absolute joy I’ve experienced with this book! I just received it this morning, and have already had more fun with it than I can say! My (adult) daughter & I laughed so hard, we had tears running down our legs! 😉 I will never run out of creative curse words now that I have this book to help me! Thank you for giving me a laugh on this gloomy Monday!! ~C. Chambers

[tears running down your legs, huh?]

Hilarious. Good gag gift for a friend who has a stressful job … and sometimes he just needs something tobrughen his day and help his imagination!
I ended up buying one for myself too! ~L. Harris

[thanks, my day has been brughened up!]

GREAT BOOK ~ K. Gelman

[looks like you need help in the creativity department]

Ordered quite a few copies of this one. Have it at home and have given it away for many a Christmas office gift.

[Can I please work at your office?]