I have very little to say today.  So I’m going to share a very old country song with y’all about ineffective coping mechanisms that I’ve been trying all week!

Here are just a few of the lyrics at the start of the song:

It’s a good thing the sea’s not dry
Such a good thing that cows don’t fly
What a good thing to make a joyful noise
It’s a good thing that beds don’t talk
Such a good thing that chairs can’t walk
What a good thing that God made girls and boys

Let the rough side drag
Let the smooth side show
While you pull that load
Everywhere you go


Here’s my takeaway:

I’m drowning in the sea today

Make me a cow to fly far far away

So I could make a joyful noise

And jump on a bed without any poise.

Drop my load along my way

Crush some chairs, why not, eh?

I’m totally not a human today.




I don’t own any rights to the video or the song lyrics.  Falls under fair use.