💜💜Really great friends💜💜

Really great friends are hard to find

Love you as you and are always kind

Ready with hugs and the occasional treat

Inspire you with quotes from the interneet.

Most kind friends are poor as shit

But with richness of spirit, make up for it.

Without them around I surely would die,

No song and no spirit my hope would run dry.

💜I need my kind friends.💜


Abusive people are easy to find.

Don’t care who you are or what’s on your mind.

Now you have money, security, but not much to eat.

Got rid of those friends they’d never dare meet.

Perfection’s a condition you’ll die trying to meet.

They only have time for what inspires them

And crush your self worth for not believing like them.

Force, fear and veiled threats keep you chained near

You keep tripping and falling “She’s clumsy” you hear.

“Go back to your friends who treat you so well,”

they sneer and they shout “you are going to hell!”

“Do things your way, you think better you’d be off?”

“Where’d you be without us?” they laugh and they scoff.

In some homeless shelter with a tuberculin cough.

😵I need my abusers.😵


-Marlies Vonn