Part 1: Austerity, Conformity

Part 2: Little Boxes*

*Please read or scroll to the end, as I have shared some more of my vocals*



I wrote a poem on the topic of the ever-increasing amount of conformity to which humans are expected to adhere. It seems we must do this in order to thrive and to ‘fit in’ to modern society. People who do not adhere to ‘the norm’ seem to be the marginalized. It’s tragic, really.

Inspired by the closed-minded individual who ordered me to be less happy and giggly lest my productivity and others’ perception of my professionalism be diminished.

Oh Lord, give me strength. I refuse to stop being silly. And to stop making long, exhausting run-on sentences.

The following poem was adapted by me from a comment on my FB feed by Cindy Stevens:

Are we one big drive-thru donut shop?

Do we look into each other’s eyes

do we stop to talk?

The new, the white, the walls, the austere

Is anybody really there?

Where are the old books on history’s days

the ones that smelled of pencil erasers

and of old flattened clay?

Carefree days are long since dead;

children and laughter are planned ahead.

Thick as smoke hangs overhead

a calm and peaceful quiet dread.


~Marlies Vonn




Little Boxes

While we’re on the topic of conformity…

I thought about putting my vocals for “Little Boxes” with a video. But I’m re-entering the workforce and do not have the time.

I mixed my own vocals and a bit of guitar with a portion of the song covered by the group Walk Off The Earth. The audio file has been on my desktop since June. I figured I’d take it off the shelf and share it with you. Here is the audio only: