I’ve got me here a blue suitcase

and you bein’ my friend

I know you’ll help me carry it

through future paths and bends!


I know just where I’m going see.

I know just what to do.

Let’s sing together you and me,

a symphony for two.


A tree with oranged delight

we’ll sweep across the sea

Swaying left but mostly right –

you’ll bring the best in me.


Wait! Oh, wait! Oh, wait my friend!

Please, just one more rhyme!

I didn’t know we’d hit the end

I thought I had more time.


Now here I sit, knock-kneed and tired

I rest my weary bones

My blue suitcase, a prop, a box

unopened and alone.


Please, oh please just hold my hand –

this load’s too much to bear

I reach for you but understand

another needs your care.


You see it, see it, now, don’t you?

We had all we needed, boo

then simple things I could not do –

it seemed I always needed you.


You were already in a whitened land

holding someone else’s hand.


Yes, yes, you’re still in a perfect land

holding someone else’s hand.


~Marlies Vonn