In this life of mine at times

I feel that living is an obligation.

Some of you may look at me

with utter consternation.

But you aren’t me, inside my mind.

This was the best example I could find.

In my shoes, you do not walk –

just listen to Walt’s pillow talk:



For what time I have left, well I’d like to live it. The problem is this: I can’t live my life.

The reality of chronic illness is that for those of us afflicted, time marches on and on and on and on. With the same symptoms Walt talked about. Day after day after day.

Walt is lucky because he has a short time left to live. If you think it cruel of me to say that, well, you may think that. You are allowed.

As for me, I have a very, very long

and tired life ahead of me.

And that is the reality.

~Marlies Vonn