No one wants to hear your voice
Too bad dude you have no choice
You can’t play an instrument?
Sorry man just go get bent.

If you sing you are a joke.
Your dreams will go up in smoke.
Try learning guitar instead
You’ll stand out like the color red.

Heads will turn and you’ll get jobs
Bands will flock to you in mobs
Who cares if your voice is ruined
We’ll patch that mess with autotune.

Females who can’t sing or dance
Will not get a second glance
Unless you blonde and have some charms
We’ll welcome you with open arms.

We know you are talentless
All you have is that short dress
A low cut top would be just right
Be our afternoon delight!

Don’t forget you are unknown
We play drums, bass, and trombone.
You belong somewhere afar
Stay drunk in your karaoke bar.

~Marlies Vonn