I’ve been in a particularly rotten mood as of late.


Having said that, I do create truly relatable and quality (???) content when I’m in pain, miserable, or in a rotten mood.

I want to stop the train for a moment to acknowledge a few people!



I think you were one of my very first followers. I want to thank you for continuing to read my stuff. I’m also starting to place audio only files along with my videos. You made me realize that not everyone can watch videos in HD and so you’ve made me more considerate. And we are kindred Leonard Cohen spirits. It is very true that all I’ve ever learned from love is how to shoot somebody who outdrew me. I could go on forever about Leonard and why he means so much to me. It is not necessary though because I think you deeply understand.


I am simply gobsmacked that a real life author visits my blog! Just to have you here reading and commenting is truly very very cool. I always wanted to be a real life author, and it’s super that I have one following me! Thank you Pearl for your many words of encouragement, wisdom and amazing insights. Your presence here is truly appreciated.


You are my #1 cheerleader! I love reading your blog and I really need to start liking and commenting more and stop being such a selfish bint. I think since you’ve started to follow me you have read and commented on every single one of my posts. On days when I just want to give up and walk out into traffic, I just need to read your words and then suddenly the street is empty. OK, that totally didn’t make a whole lot of sense but you get the point. You get me. Will you be my next door neighbor?


You are my muse. I imagine a miniature version of you, with delicate fairy wings. Some of the work that I have most enjoyed creating was inspired by you. You had mentioned once “life does not always separate the funny and the sad” [I’m paraphrasing]. So I don’t feel so guilty about confusing my readers by posting like EVERYTHING. Videos, poems about sorrow, death, requiems for dishcloths and posts discussing which orange is the most orange… well you get my drift. If it were not for your idea, Kelto would never have graced the cover of Vogue. I also love having you as a Facebook friend. Thank you for understanding my Monty Python references and especially that post I wrote concerning Occam’s Razor. You’re highly intelligent and you love cats and you introduced two strange cats to each other and we’re close in age (?) and I’m going off the rails again. Thank you for being you. Keep having fun with those Instagram filters.


So you are one of my most loyal followers/likers/commenters. I actually love your handle. I never knew what a desert curmudgeon was before. In all seriousness, I never bothered to look up the meaning of the word curmudgeon until like three days ago. I just assumed you were some sort of exotic lizard camping out by a Joshua tree. Those trees are in the desert, right? Now that I know what the word means, I can rest comfortably knowing you aren’t a lizard person. Wow, I’m in fine form today. I feel like you “get” my sarcasm and my very, very, very dark side. Thank you for being here.


Champion liker! And you have the coolest design EVER for your avatar. Did you design it yourself? Because I think it’s like immediately recognizable and original. I think that you “get” the wild pendulum swing that is my blog. And thank you for liking my weird poetry, even if it is uploaded at 3:40AM local time. I think we keep the same hours. Thank YOU for being here.



And finally, thank you to five-year-old Marlies. Thank you for catching that live mouse and distressing your mother. But apparently, she wasn’t distressed enough because out came this picture. I don’t think they did selfies in the mid to late seventies. If they did, could someone let me know? Thanks.

I’m so sorry if I left anyone out. I will totally do another acknowledgment post because I’m sure I’m leaving some people out.

Thank you all for staying in crazy land with me.

xoxo Marlies