OK, I’m totally a fan of the Biebs.

Hahahahaha no I’m not. I gotcha!

However, this one song is kinda cute and I made it even cuter with pencil animation. Not my own pencil animation – I can’t even draw stick figures, much less animation. Credit is given in the YouTube description box to the animators.

I realized that some of my viewers are unable to stream my videos so for this post I’ll include the video and also just an MP3 file for the vocals.

Music can exist without visuals, right? Frank Zappa? Any thoughts from whichever dimension you are now in?




I hope you can also play the audio file.

Thank you for being patient in terms of my inconsistent content. Sometimes there is poetry, sometimes there is music, sometimes there is just, well, crazy.

You are in the White Padded Room.