I’ve finally done it!

I’ve created my first real music video. It’s a cover of Adele’s “Hello.” Yes, I know it’s an older song but then again I’m sorta slow. But I put together every single tiny little piece of this video together myself. Sort of like an all orange puzzle. Well, I’m strange.

For now, I’m only sharing it with you. No other social media: except Facebook because many of my friends don’t automatically read my blog and I want to share it with them too. This will not be uploaded to my YouTube channel.

Because I only have a cell phone and cannot sing loudly in my apartment, I marked the whole performance [la voce piena]. If you’d like, follow the link to get a better understanding of what the term “marking” means.

This is the first art project that I truly threw my entire heart and soul into. The song represents a deeply rooted heartbreak I experienced about 10 years ago. It will stay with me forever.

I’ve been working on it for 48 hours – and I am thrilled to present it to you!




Enhancing my voice with a condenser microphone while singing at full voice would make the video so much more powerful.

Screenshot (104).png

I never knew how to ask for contributions – but this is something that would be a worthwhile investment for me. I plan to do many more videos. I thoroughly enjoy the process of creating.

Please consider contributing to my channel by pressing on the “Buy Me a Coffee” icon (or just following the link lol).

Always know, though, that your kind words and readership mean a great deal to me! Who knows, I may try singing in my bathroom next to get some reverb going! Then I will have new and exciting stories to tell you about angry neighbors and my captive live audience members: Kelto, William, and Ted the Red Bird. I will do the next song in the bathroom. I’m just nuts that way.

After all, you are in the White Padded Room


*Update7/5/2017: I have uploaded it to YouTube. I guess I’m changing my mind. YouTube informed me that although it contains copyrighted material [which I knew] I won’t get a copyright strike and can monetize my video. I think I deserve some more exposure and possible revenue because this project was a lot of hard work.