I’m trying to get the attention of a singer/writer/producer (Gregos) who called me by accident and left me a message on my phone while I was in the tub. 

This was on June 29th. He was calling from the site of the Edmonton Music Awards (Winspear Centre?).

Ha! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as the Edmonton Music Awards. I think that I live underneath a rock that happens to be buried under a rock.

Apparently, Greg and his fellows had won some awards and I got this odd call from him  (a complete stranger) complimenting me. He said I had a lovely voice. I was thoroughly confused. I hadn’t been in public lately, much less singing in public.

I called him back and we had a somewhat disjointed conversation. I quizzed him sharply, saying, “How did you get my number?” He claimed it was a misdial.

Just the previous night I’d had a very, very lucid dream that I was at an awards show. I’d been nominated, but I didn’t win. I also met Elijah Wood. And was charged for parking.

So he rambled on about coming to get me so we could “jam.” This was, oh, about 1 AM. I said, “I’ll contact you on Facebook and we’ll talk some more.” And then the phone just went dead.

Aside from being eaten alive by bears, “jamming” with a band ranks about second. Conquering my fears and shit. Right. OK.

Instead of dropping everything and jumping into a car full of complete strangers, I stayed at a friend’s place, as planned, to dog-sit. She has a piano, and I thought “Why not? Just record a cover. Maybe this might go somewhere.”

I meant to also do a video with it but I just plain tuckered out. I just can’t do everything on my own. I have a whole new level of respect for the amount of work and money and personnel it takes to produce even the shortest of professional-grade music videos.

What you get here is my backside playing piano, then with my voice, my harmony, and my piano tracks layered on top of one another using some ratchet software. Apparently singing into a smartphone is the worst thing you can do with your voice. Makes it sound like shit. I think I gave it a really good try.

This is my video:



This is the best cover of the song that I could do with my smartphone, a camera and my friend’s piano that I only have access to for one more day. I wanted to put together a video with visuals and everything, but I figured that my voice should speak for itself.

I don’t have ANY recording equipment or condenser mics or reverb that would make my voice sound better, so this is kinda ratcheted. But I gave it everything I had.

Basically, I’m trying to convey that I can sing, harmonize, and also adjust the pitch on a tune I heard on YouTube (by ear) and play it. This song took me one day to learn, re-arrange, sing, and record.

I’m taking a big chance by playing and singing someone else’s music, but I’m hoping that under “Fair Use” it will be classified as transformative.

After all, I’d like to change the world with my voice.

This is the MUCH better, original video:






Source and inspiration:

Ocean (Take Me) – 1000 Words for Water [name of the band] – Greg Mathews