Purses represent, for me, digging and frustration.

I find the digging and negativity to be time-consuming, energy-consuming, and exasperating.

Therefore I usually only have a small purse or none at all. I only had this one because I was cat-sitting and I needed somewhere convenient for my traveling pharmacy.

Being poor and sad in life does not necessarily mean that I should be poor and sad in spirit and that something funny definitely can be created out of pain and misery!

Like this video. And the stupidity it mirrors. Actually heard in a beauty guru’s video:

“OMG this purse, I got SUCH a great deal on this [insert name of high-end designer] bag! It caught my eye in this adorable shop in Greece and it was only USD$400! Sorry folks, you can’t get it anywhere for that price anymore!”


It’s a bag. You put your shit in it.

If you choose to watch my video, it is really stupid and makes for great background noise and there is a cute cat at the end.