When he is gone, people will say

“Why didn’t he ask us for help?” in dismay.

“We could have taken an interest in

his feelings, his sickness, instead of his sin.”


Why didn’t I tell you, why didn’t I say?

I told you for years but a comfortable life

was much more important than handling strife.

So we both turned our backs in utter dismay

thought it would be easy to walk our own ways.


Had I the resources you’ve always had

I’d have taken you in, I’d have never been mad

But it’s not about me, really, it never was.

Why am I gone?

Shrugs, “I guess I dunno, I guess just because.”



~Marlies Vonn

  • People, we need to help each other more, I need to do the same.
  • We need to make more of an effort to locate the lost in our lives and tell them we love them.
  • We are all so fucking busy. Busy, busy busy. What the hell is so important in your life that you have no room for your fellow man? Or your family, for that matter?
  • Just food for thought – take it or leave it.