Faaaaantaaaastic running commentary from mindfump.com on migraine headache. Most creative description I’ve ever seen. Re-blogging this. In too much pain to do much else. Can’t form complete

~Marlies Vonn


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During the Rio Olympics 400m runner Shaunae Miller-Uibo (Née Miller) won the gold medal for the Bahamas to upset the pre-race favourite American FREEDOM!© Allyson Felix, she did this though with a spectacular last gasp swan dive across the finish line* – something which is well within the rules, and to be honest, should be encouraged.

I had my Olympic race today. That is to say I had free time, I had a full nights sleep, and I seemingly had no depression at all. This is an event which only happens once every 4 years and I was ready; prepared.

The line up was complete, in Lane 1 we had the outside favourite ‘Anxiety’, Lane 2 was filled by the veteran ‘Laziness’, Lane 3 was ‘Chores’, who had just come back from injury, I was in Lane 4, Lane 5 was the pre-race favourite ‘Procrastination’, Lane…

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