Now I lay me down to sleep
Why must I pray ‘my Soul to keep?’

They say there’s no value in getting ahead
You must keep your soul instead.

Soul daily laughs and spits in my face
And I’m always last in the human race

My Soul pressed me down in the dirt for years
My Soul cares not for my wretched tears

We’re here for a purpose, is that what they say?
Must I grow stronger, suffering day after day?

I’ll tell you this now, this much I do know,
The more that I suffer, the weaker I grow.

The soil can be fertile, the gardener can be strong
Without the light of the sun, it won’t live very long.

Bless my family and friends in Jesus’ name
Bless them all but me, in this wicked game

I always stay, in prison, in strife
I fall through the cracks in the fabric of life

Shall it profit me, if I gain the whole world?
Shall it profit you, with my life force unfurled?


Flowing like water; the kind earth now my mother
Let’s see how we do, Soul, without one another.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I wake up refreshed, to the world I leap

Away from these lies, from this guilt, and pain
I sine bright like a star! Freedom again!
Then – should I die before I should wake,
They then would see the difference I’d make.

For the world, I’ll have left a long life legacy
For me, for you, forever to see.

~Marlies Vonn