I am very LUCKY to have a friend who is a REAL Makeup Artist!!

In this video, I demonstrate, with poor lighting and an obnoxious fluorescent pink background, what a genuine makeup tutorial looks like. Clearly, I am NOT a makeup guru, and I wanted to learn how to do my makeup properly. AT LAST!!

My friend did my makeup with the products and tools that I already had. Which makes this tutorial even more relatable.

This is a longer video, but if you are like me, and want to know how to do everything from start to finish, this is the tutorial for you. For REGULAR PEOPLE who don’t have all the latest, fanciest makeup, hairstyles, and backgrounds.

You can literally play this video and do your makeup right along with it in real time.

I understand that this might not be entertaining for many guys out there. Sometimes you can’t please everyone. What DOES please everyone? That’s actually a good question. Hmmm. Thoughts? Anyone?

And of course, I throw in some entertaining and ridiculous content because that’s how I roll.

You do you, boo, and I’ll do me bee!!