All joking aside, I found a product that really, really works for me.

  • This will make my life so much easier. I can quite literally wash my hair by plopping a warm shower cap on my head, massaging my head, taking it off, and combing my hair out.
  • It will work even better if you DON’T have ketchup, scented body oil and baby powder in your hair.
  • I tried it a few days ago before this “product review” and I was AMAZED.  I highly recommend this to anyone with physical limitations!
  • Trigger warning: I put ketchup in my hair for theatrical purposes and then seriously stepped on something sharp so my foot started to bleed. No actual real blood was shown.

Click on THIS TEXT to watch the video!

Wash Hair

  • A link to the shower cap product is in the description box on YouTube just below the video.
  • NOT an affiliate link. Just a regular old link.

Have a clean week, everybody!