The title is pretty much self-explanatory.

This time of the year, for me, is the time during which I get the most depressed and become the least motivated.

I’m really fighting through this time and making these videos are literally keeping me from making poor life choices.

I am frequently irritated about my limitations, and a good laugh softens the hard edges that anger often scratches me with. That sentence probably did not make a lot of sense but I don’t care.

It’s as if I resent the spring season. Why can’t everything just stay dead, stop growing, and can the status quo of the dead of winter please be maintained? Like my life?

It’s like I have reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder. Everything and everyone around me is coming to life, and I just want to run and hide in a hole until fall.

I am fortunate that I DO have a hole to hide in. And that’s what I do, year after year.


Here’s me cutting my own hair: