Recently, my sister purchased Jenny Lawson’s You Are Here for me and it just arrived! So now It Is Here.

Here is a lovely picture of the book, propped up on my stove (which is turned off, of course).


Here is a picture of my bandage scissors!


Here is a picture of me with a signed copy of You Are Here!!


Since I cannot travel more than 1/2 a kilometer and have never met Jenny in person, I’m just going to let you process that one on your own. Printers and masking tape have their uses. I just thought her signature was so pretty, I had to have it in my book.


I love how creative Jenny is! For example, her penchant for dressing in frilly things and then taking pictures. Especially in the graveyard. So, totally, absolutely awesome. Actually, there was a reason in the end that she dressed up because she ended up giving away a bunch of lovely red gowns she was pictured wearing on her Facebook page, The Traveling Red Dress. My favorite, circa 2013, is pictured below.


I’m pretty sure that I’m too late to get a chance to win this dress, as a randomly chosen commenter. Let’s see, 2017-2013 = 4 years too late. That’s about my speed. Maybe I can donate a red dress? The facebook page The Traveling Red Dress seems kinda old, so I don’t know if the “donation of a red dress” is still hot or not. And wait, I just remembered I don’t have a red dress. But, I did go on a photoshoot once just for the hell of it and managed to get some red stuff in the pictures:


CAF Avatar2


Yup, that’s all my real hair. You know, because so many people wear extensions these days. I’m totally not wearing a skirt in the above picture. So now I just need to get a skirt. I have some lovely red drapes that I could fashion into a nice poofy skirt. I thought this picture sort of resembled one of Jenny’s pictures I found on Google:


When you are a shut-in, you have to be creative. Or go batshit crazy. [Jenny, please don’t sue me for using your picture I didn’t claim it as my own or that I took the picture or that I published it like, I don’t even know how to do the photography thing, and I don’t have a lawyer either if I get sued please have mercy the pictures of you are not owned by me]

I think you’re awesome.


Remember this picture?


Remember the pink purse Kelto is sporting? Well look what I found on the tags that were still on the inside of the purse:


I mean, who DOESN’T want a Celebrity Sexy designer Bible cover made out of plastic? “The design is neither intended to mislead or create any confusion…”

Sorry, confusion already created.

I hope to spend some time coloring in my new You Are Here book and hopefully, I can share the results with you in an upcoming post.

Thank you again to all of my readers – I’m glad you are here.

However you got here.