I found an interesting article this morning that shows that turkeys are not the only things getting in the way of soaring eagles:

In its fight to prevent future terrorist attacks on its soil, France has found an unlikely ally: the royal eagle.

The French Air Force is currently training birds of prey to take down remote-controlled objects following reports that ISIS recruits are weaponizing consumer markets drones to carry out attacks against enemy fighters.

The air force first acquired four royal eagles eggs last spring and began training them in a base in southwest France after they reached adult size.

The birds were placed on top of drones when they were still in their eggshells and kept there during the early stages of feeding. Once they were fit to fly, the royal eagles were taken to a field to be trained to intercept airborne drones. The birds, which are able to grab and carry animals as heavy as goats and lambs, were in turn rewarded with meat.

“These eagles can spot the drones several thousand meters (yards) away and neutralize them,” Jean-Christophe Zimmerman, a French Air Force general, told Reuters.

Considered more robust than other birds like falcons, eagles also present a great advantage: they are seen as safer than using guns or nets to take down drones during events with large crowds, such as public ceremonies, festivals or fireworks.

“In certain situations (falling debris, a crowd under the craft), the drone cannot be shot down,” an air force spokesman told L’Express magazine. “The eagle, along with other means, can enable us to intercept the craft without causing any further damage.”

Heat Street [online]. French Police are Training Eagles to Fight ISIS Drones, Terrorist Attacks. (2017).

Of course, I could NOT help myself in reading some of the highly articulate commentaries on this article and I HAD to share some of them with you all:

  • i seen a balled eagle pick up a goat unfortunately these things can be menace to society becauz they are protect and the know it and get away with murder all the time i stil cant figure out how a eagle is going to take out a huge isis suicide helicopter on its own seems like misuse of MY tax dollars ~Red Locomotive


  • Ummm are the goats a menace to society, Mr. Locomotive? Do they get away with murder all the time? I mean, I DID see this highly disturbing flyer in my mailbox the other day. You have a point, the world has gone to shit and the GOATS are taking over. ~Marlies Vonn


  • Now the “terrorists” will target Eagles within the vicinity? Why make this public? ~A.Couseland


  • What about drones like Orville the drone cat? Surely there are more models out there and these were made to combat real drones by scaring the ever-loving shit out of them. I mean, if one of these were hovering outside my window I’d shit my pants. Now the “terrorists” will be targeting household pets within the vicinity! Why make THIS public?~Marlies Vonn



  • I’ve watched bald eagles pull 12 lb silver salmon out of the river at speed and carry it off like a grocery bag! ~G. Hat

Well, I guess you can’t have it all:



  • those.. are also.. looking into rooms.. it is horrible… drone.. can be really fuckin.. if they are usde to have an eye on people… people like.. you and me.. living.. in a reall life… ~Anonymous
  • Have you ever heard of curtains, you dimwit? ~Marlies Vonn


The eagles were here before our “blow each other to bits” technology. So were ferrets, dolphins, German Shepards, and other smart animals. I suppose, in the war on terror, every living and non-living thing that is of value to us in an attempt to defeat the so-called “enemy” is expendable, right?


Image result for the right wing and the left wing belong to the same bird