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I promised you folks a book review a while back. I don’t remember when or where I said it, but I’m pretty sure I promised at some point that I would do it.


And I did.


Of course, it had to be a very interesting and original book. I wasn’t going to pick just any old book out there.


After months and months of head scratching and countless hours walking up and down the aisles of my local library (you know that is bullshit but it sounds good), I finally found one that was interesting for me to read.


I think that I will also purchase this book not only because I liked it so much but also because it will make a great coffee table book. Ladies and gentlemen here is the book:



To prove that it is indeed a small book here is a picture with dimensions:

And to prove that it is a real book, the ISBN# is pictured here on the back cover:


  • Can be used at bedtime for reading material to lull your children to sleep. You could even set the numbers to a tune, without having to come up with the numbers! This would cut your composition time in half! Everybody wins.
  • The squares on the outside of the book have a very relaxing, hypnotic effect. Stare at them for long enough and you will start to see fruits and vegetables in amidst the squares. Trust me, I’ve tried it. I’ve been told it works better if you’re in an altered state of mind. Great coffee table book. Great conversation piece.
  • If you are an enabler, this would be the perfect gift for a compulsive gambler, say, who likes to play the lotto every day. And there IS a possibility, that this book was written by a CIA operative and has secret code in it. Only a chosen few (you know who you are) can crack it.

Here are some things that other readers on Amazon had to say about this book:

  • For years I’ve had to come up with random numbers all by myself, which is plenty exhausting as anyone with a continual need for new random numbers can attest. James McNalley has saved me literally three or four hours a day with this handy little book. I take it with me everywhere, and it’s small enough to fit in my fireman’s jacket pocket. No, I am not a fireman. I just find the jacket to be comfortable, roomy, and it looks good with an axe. I’ve even started to get invited to parties and champagne brunches now; people like to have me nearby in case an urgent need for random numbers arises. I highly recommend this book to virtually everyone, except Canadians. ~WRS
  • Now I am a God. This book has made me see beyond what mortal minds can comprehend. I now understand. As I stare into the void of twisting nether, this book shall guide my way. I have been bound to this book by the threads of fate. ~Dr. Sarcasmo
  • This was a very unnecessary sequel of “A Small Book of Sequential Numbers,” which I already own. I was able to generate the same results just by opening the pages and pick a number with my eyes closed, then repeat. The original was at least able to provide two types of services, try getting sequential numbers with this rip-off. ~Jimmy J Chen

Well, they can’t all be positive, right?

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed these thoughts on “A Small Book of Random Numbers.” This is the first of many book reviews.

Good night, friends.