Ahh what the hell. Life is going so horribly bad right now that I have no words. Completely alone, trying to wrestle a flame of hope from my ever-darkening existence.


Yes, yes, I know it’s Saturday. Texts are unanswered. People are out and not at home. Nobody cares about me. There are giraffes and toucans hopped up on PCP and they are running around wildly in the street just outside my building. I’m scared. I wanna know where they got the drugs from and I wanna go back to wherever it is they came from.

So yeah, back to the title, right? I saw this on TEDTalks and laughed so hard I went numb.


I should try this tonight. Or tomorrow. It is 15 minutes from tomorrow. Unless I decide to run away with the giraffes. I might.

I hear a train. The giraffes are hopping on.


So guys, if ever you feel weighed down by the bureaucracy and often mundanity of modern life, don’t fight the frustration, let it be the catalyst for whimsy. ~James Veitch