The picture of the Christmas tree caught my eye, and then I read on. I have a year round Christmas tree in my home for several reasons. One reason is that I disagree with the concept of Christmas, and, generally dislike all holidays in general. It’s a sort of silent protest that points to the pagan roots (pun intended) of the tree tradition, without using any words to upset the Christmas-happy individual. I choose my battles carefully. In this case, I simply do not speak and just let people think I’m a general weirdo with an unhealthy attachment to her undecorated tree.

~Marlies Vonn’s thoughts on “Political Correctness” blog

Cynthia Reyes

There is such power in a single act of kindness.

And so much potential when we try to understand.


Why do we use the term ‘political correctness’?

First used in Soviet Russia in the early 20th century – to describe behaviours that toed the Communist party line — it’s morphed into a Western insult.

blog-photo-christmas-2012From reading comments made online and in print articles, and talking to a few friends, I gather it’s a term used by members of any powerful/majority group (e.g. Whites, Christians, Able-bodied, Male, Non-Immigrant, etc.). But it goes beyond those groups.

I also gather that the term gets used when we are about to say something unkind, or pass on a negative generalization about a member or members of a group.

And it’s also used to decry behaviours that we consider too polite, too considerate of others.


Can there be such a thing as being…

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