William is one of Kelto’s long-time friends.  Unlike Kelto, who was born in a factory, William was born at home.

Marlies decided to get a pattern, some fabric, and go to town.  There were other “polar bears” when she did not have fancy fur fabric or plastic eyes and noses.  So she would go to second-hand stores buy toilet seat covers, thin bathroom rugs, and other fluffy throw rugs.  She would wash them and then make the bear out of that material, which was very cheap.

For the eyes and nose, buttons and beads did the trick.  I really wish that I had taken some pictures of those old ones that I had given away as Christmas presents to family members. I wondered what they must have thought.  They looked kinda “rough,” like brown or dark green or navy blue bears that had been living on the edge of a small city, fighting over scraps of food left by humans in dumpsters.  Wow, that got dark very quickly.

Well, the human Marlies improved her technique and discovered better materials.  This was when William was born.  And William was not given to anyone else – he just stayed.  Quite a few others were made, and some people wanted William, but the answer was “no”.  Plus, William has his own character and is very comfortable under the Christmas tree I have up all year round.  I can’t really dress him up like I dress Kelto up, but a few trips to the liquor store (ahem sorry the second-hand store) will fix that.

I just have to a) conserve my energy to do this and b) use this conserved  energy wisely to do this and c) go to a busy part of the city and put up a sign saying “My teddy bear needs clothing”.  I’m still waffling on the c) part only because that would use up my energy reserves for about 4 days.

For now, if I were to make a polar bear “classy,” I would change the bow tie to black and would sew three black buttons vertically down a panel of white felt and attach it to the bow.  Or, just get a regular bow tie and use that.

I really don’t have this much time on my hands.  I have online work to do and also studying.  I’m procrastinating, sigh.  But I do love the bears.  And I only have two.